Welcome to Writer’s Notes by Robin – The Most Important Thing I Know

Hi everyone.  Well, this is my first foray into blogging.  Until May of this year, I was finishing up my MBA and there are only so many things one can do.  However, now that my MBA is complete, I can focus more on my writing career.  I’ve spent the last few months catching up with life after four years of taking classes at night.

I really do love studying the craft of writing. For the last decade or so, I’ve been part of an amazing journey called Discovering Story Magic (www.discoveringstorymagic.com).  This workshop has inspired so many people, but for me, the most valuable part of giving Discovering Story Magic (DSM) with Laura Baker is what I have learned from the students.  We’ve now moved away from in-person workshops to online workshops, mostly through www.writersonlineclasses.com, though we occasionally do a few classes around the country.  It’s a true gift to be able to teach, because I believe I learn so much more than I ever impart to students.

In addition to DSM, though, I’ve been lucky enough to give workshops at the Romance Writers of America(R) national conference since 2004 (though I did skip last year).  It’s been an amazing opportunity.  I don’t pretend to know and understand everything about writing.  In truth, more often than not, the more I learn, the more I realize what I don’t know.  But, I hope to, in the course of this blog, provide insight into what I believe help me the most in my writing.  And, I am sure, I will learn so much from those who comment.

I think that the most important piece of advice that I can give is to NEVER STOP LEARNING, and to BE OPEN TO GROWING and CHANGING.  I hope I’ve allowed myself to do that over the years.

Some time ago, when I first started writing, I met an author who had sold over 50 novels to a New York publishing house where I wanted to sell.  I had just been a part of creating the Land of Enchantment Romance Authors Writer’s Guide 1st Edition (www.leranm.com).  This author bought this ‘how-to’ book, and asked a lot of questions about an article that a co-author and I had written.  Then and there I knew I wanted to emulate this writer as I went through my writing career.  After 50 books, she was eager to learn.  And not just by those more successful than herself–by two beginners who had worked hard to study and understand.

My wish for you is that you open yourself to learning from anyone and everyone because you never know where new inspiration and information can come from.

Happy Writing,
Robin (www.RobinPerini.com)


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